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Project-Based Learning

Chartwell High School is rooted in project-based learning. Each school year is broken into four themed Project Periods. During each Project Period, the curriculum is shaped around a particular driving question and students engage in the production of a project that explores that question. The projects link subject matter and skills instruction into a coherent whole. 

Project-based learning is an engaging way to learn, and it offers ample opportunities for students to clarify information and develop skills. The projects themselves consist of authentic experiences, involving active, hands-on problem solving and culminating in presentations for audiences.

Project periods often involve field experiences - off campus explorations that provide information and experiential knowledge that relates to the project. Project periods also allow students to practice the planning, presentation and interpersonal skills that will be so important to them in higher education and careers.

At Chartwell, I've become really good at advocating for myself, knowing what I need to be successful as a student and being more comfortable in a learning environment.

Kitti, Class of 2021

Boy taking care of horse

Students spent two nights on a working ranch while studying "The Myth of the West."

Boy with VR goggles on

During their field trip to UCSF, students were able to immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience to better understand the brain.