Marti Mulford Artist Statement

Marti Mulford

Studio Potter

Artist’s Statement

I LOVE ART of all kinds, whether it is created by nature, happenstance or on purpose. I believe that art belongs in all of our lives—hey! That’s what makes us human! Porcelain from my hands to yours—Enjoy!

Creativity, the conjoining of self expression, the use of intellect, and media of some sort, provides meaning and satisfaction to me in most of my pursuits. In my art, my natural bent is toward clarity; precision; and traditional, historic and classic styles. I have strong beliefs in integrity, sincerity, and honesty in all that I do. Therefore, I strive for technical quality and high levels of craftsmanship in my ceramic art. But, alas, I am also a porcelain snob—high fire ceramic art makes me high. I love making it, feeling it, using it; it warms to one’s touch. It is real, tactile, and it is safe and durable.

I make functional porcelain ceramic art for use and enjoyment every day. Give yourself, your friends and family a treat. . .and an opportunity to have ART for everyday use – you know: cereal, eggs, ice cream, coffee, herbal tea, whatever! Whole banquet tables full of food served and eaten from ceramic ART and pots full full of flowers! YUM!

I have a firm philosophy and belief in the benefits of an education in the humanities, the study of cultures – ancient and modern – and the Arts. I have a Bachelors Degree in Art from the University of California, a Secondary Teaching Credential, and a life long love of art and all things ceramic. My goal?—ART for every day use! Most times, I am successful.