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Online Learning

I'm so grateful that Chartwell started an online program. The long day with the long commute was just too much for K. She would be anxious and not want to socialize by the time we made it home. The best part about the online program is with the increased focus her goals were able to be increased substantially for the year. I'm very impressed and excited with the progress she has been making online.

Luanne B., Parent

Chartwell’s Online Learning Program is an intimate, student-centered virtual educational setting where students learn through exploration and guided lessons covering all core classes. 

Language Arts, Social-Emotional Academic Development (SEAD), Humanities, and Writing are taught as interdisciplinary courses, overlapping and connected for maximum engagement and understanding. During SEAD time, students work together to build foundational social skills and collaborative mindsets. Language Arts class seeks literary knowledge and concepts through novel studies at approachable reading levels. The Writing Revolution program is used to help students with fundamental writing skills in concurrence with Language Arts and Humanities. During humanities studies, students will find and explore connections with literature, current events, historical events, and culture. Participating in Art (Drawing, Painting, and Theater) or STEAM projects, students will engage with hands-on, creative lessons. 

In classes of no more than three students, students will have spiraled, guided education in math skills at their level using curriculum, iXL, and error analysis. With various placement levels, students have Structured Literacy in micro-groups learning the fluency skills provided by the Wilson or PAF reading program. 

Every Friday, students can engage in group activities online or be released for asynchronous clubs and activities in their area. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a virtual physical fitness program.

Amenities of Online Learning with Chartwell:

  • Option of a 4-day week (asynchronous option for Fridays)
  • Twice a year field excursions (2022-23 academic year)
  • Speech Language Therapy/Occupational Therapy/tutoring/counseling services
  • Social interactions and community-focused activities
  • Supply boxes delivered to home to support online learning projects (STEAM, Art, etc..)
  • All math classes under 3 students
  • Structured literacy classes of no more than 3 students
  • Individualized learning (1:1 sessions) is available as the faculty determines the specific learning needs of each student (SL and Math)
  • Parent-teacher conferences four times a year
  • All students receive a Chartwell Educational Profile (CEP) that articulates each student’s individual strengths, opportunities for growth, and goals in each learning area 
  • Two progress reports and two report cards
  • Comprehensive website provides ongoing communications between the faculty and parents
  • Ideal for students who have strong technical skills and require a structured learning environment

Four day week option (with asynchronous learning on Friday)

Open to students in Grades 4-8

Classes scheduled for Pacific Time.

TUITION 2024-2025

Financial aid available for those who qualify. 

To begin the application process or for more information, contact Danielle Patterson, director of outreach and family engagement, at or call 831-394-3468 x1025.

Bailey John, Program Director

Mrs. John has taught Language Arts, Humanities, US History, Theater, Math, Literature, Econ/Gov, Structured Literacy, Writing Skills, and Creative Writing at Chartwell School since 2017. She enjoys bringing fun into the classroom, taking her German Shepherd, Ace, and Corgi, Luna, for walks, and watching old Disney movies with her family. She has three children and her husband is in the Air Force. Mrs. John is a Marine Corps veteran.