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Mr. Santos leads a lower school class in learning to play the xylophone.

Ms. Garcia leads structured literacy for some of our youngest learners.

Two new modulars on campus will help provide space for our growing high school. 

Students in Ms. Ford's class participated in the "We Are Connected" activity which shows how everyone is connected through a web of string. Students learn that one person can affect others in the group if they "drop their piece."

Students made straw rockets in the Mrs. McClellands after school program rockets class. 

Judo has been added as a Frioday elective this year. 

News & Stories

High School Robotics Season Comes to a Close

Earlier this month, our three students participating in FIRST Robotics Competition, Paige S., Alexa G., and Matthew B., joined their teammates in Plus Ultra Robotics at the Silicon Valley Regional competition at San Jose University. This unique three-day event saw over 50 teams from far away - including international teams - working in alliances to garner points in hopes to compete in the finals on Sunday. 

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