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Featured Photos

Happy teacher with an iced coffee

Mrs. Price enjoys an orange blossom iced latte compliments of the Chartwell Family Network.

Mr. Santos brought out the djembes this week to create an impromptu drum circle with students. 

Girl holding inflatable tiger

High school student Olivia holds an inflatable tiger during a series of field games organized for their first day back on campus after break. 

Girl hiking

Isabella E. collects plant specimens to study during a four-mile hike along Chartwell's nature trails during a science camp sleepover earlier this month. 

Two Chartwell students viewing marine species under the microscope

High school students recently viewed and identified various marine species, including plants, shells, and small animals. They utilized microscopes in the outdoor classroom as part of our ongoing campus safety efforts.

Teacher with students in a ceramics studio

Mrs. Kirshner shows students in Ms. Garcia's class how to make pet bowls for their Future Holders Project.

Student under desks drawing on paper

As part of their lesson on the Renaissance, students in Ms. Chavez's class reinact how Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel to gain insight into the patience and persistence that went into this masterpiece.

News & Stories

Black and white photo of students at beach

For their fourth project period of the year, high school students are studying marine ecology. The field experiences have included a guided tour through the Elkhorn Slough Marine Sanctuary, tidepooling at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, and a whale watching excursion on the Monterey Bay. The period will culminate with final project presentations. Photo by Gabe Aquino, Grade 11

Coffee truck

Chartwell parents came together to show their appreciation of our faculty and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. On Wednesday, the Bella Bee Coffee Truck arrived on campus along with a table filled with breakfast treats. On Friday, parents created a smoothie bar and hand-delivered them to classrooms for teachers. Thank you to our Chartwell Family Network for your support!

Students working in the maker space

Chartwell High School is rooted in project-based learning. Each school year is broken into four themed Project Periods. During each Project Period, the curriculum is shaped around a particular driving question and students engage in the production of a project that explores that question. The projects link subject matter and skills instruction into a coherent whole.

For Project Period 3 this year, the theme was Science Fiction and the driving question was: How can I use Sci Fi to envision what alien life would be in the Proxima Centauri system? 

Tents and campsite

This year, many students missed out on the traditional science camp due to COVID restrictions. STEAM Director Topher Mueller, realizing the educational and social-emotional value of this annual experience, worked to recreate an abbreviated on-campus science sleepover including science projects, a day hike, astronomy, games, and even a campfire.

Kayla Cromer on the Hoda and Jenna Show

Chartwell alumna Kayla Cromer was recently interviewed on the Hoda and Jenna Show for her role in the TV series Everything's Gonna Be Okay. Kayla's character, Matilda, has autism - a diagnosis Kayla also shares. Kayla has been a passionate advocate for dyslexia awareness, and the associated learning differences that often accompany it. Congratulations, Kayla, on your tremendous success. You can watch the segment here

Teacher showing young student how to throw the javelin

Students in Mr. Owen's and Mr. Whitman's classes are studying Greek history. To bring the Olympic spirit to life, they hosted their own version of the legendary games. Ms. Benjamin, a college track and field athlete, came out and taught students how to throw the javelin and the shot put. The focus of the day was on trying new activities, being competitive and supportive of one another, and imagining what the early Greek games would have been like.

Robotics team

The Chartwell Cyberdogs joined 32 teams in Silicon Valley for the Northern CA Innovation Expo late last month- and were among just 12 finalists to present their innovative idea and solution to expert leaders in technology and engineering firms. While they were not among the three teams invited to continue to the Global Innovation Expo, their idea - which was improving orthotics for children with cerebral palsy - impressed the judges during their four presentations.

Three Chartwell students holding their water rockets

As part of an integrated project in math, science, and language arts, Ms. McClelland's homeroom built water rockets. Students designed and created their fins, cones, and decorations. They learned about the scientific method and set a hypothesis about the amount of water and its effect on the rocket's flight. Students participated in their second launch yesterday by changing one variable, either fin type, weight, or water amount. After successfully launching their modified rockets, students will "land" on Mars and learn more about the red planet.

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