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Fitness and Wellness

The Chartwell Fitness and Wellness program, for both lower and middle school, is designed to guide students in three primary areas: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective (social emotional). In the psychomotor aspect of our program, students explore activities to gain a basic understanding of the skills needed for playing sports and games and learn how to keep their bodies fit and healthy. The cognitive aspect of our program explores the mental aspect of the games, including rules and strategy. The affective aspect of our program focuses on teamwork skills to develop the necessary tools for problem solving and to promote self-esteem. The students are encouraged to resolve disagreements by means of cooperation, team building, respect and compromise. 

Our middle school program builds upon the skills established in the lower division and introduces competitive interscholastic sports. 

Interscholastic Sports

Chartwell School is a member of the (Independent Parochial Athletic League which includes All Saints Day School, Bay View Academy, Chartwell School, International School of Monterey, Monterey Bay Charter, Monterey Bay Christian, San Carlos, Santa Catalina, Stevenson, and Trinity Christian. 

The IPAL League is created for the following purposes: 

-To promote sportsmanship among students who compete with one another in interscholastic athletics.

-To stress participation, fair play, teamwork, and friendly competition over winning.

-To create standards and guidelines to ensure that competition among schools is conducted in a safe, fair, and cooperative manner.

-To assure equitable opportunities and resources for both boys' and girls' athletics. 

-To establish a governing body which oversees League competition and resolves questions or disagreements

-To improve communication among member schools. 


Athletic Department

Regan Albee

Regan Albee

Titles: Teacher, Athletic Coordinator
Lauren Christensen

Lauren Christensen

Titles: Lower and Middle School Teacher
Rory Patterson

Rory Patterson

Titles: Director of Athletics
Reggie Roberts

Reggie Roberts

Titles: Student Support Team