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Math lessons at Chartwell emphasize conceptual understanding as a strong foundation to build computation and application of skills. Through direct instruction in small, homogeneously grouped classes, teachers  pace instruction based on student mastery. Lessons highlight real-life applications of math and teachers implement a multi-sensory curriculum; manipulatives, kinesthetics, mnemonics, and technology are integrated into daily instruction to promote student engagement and retention of math concepts.

Diagnostic teaching is critical in assessing student skill development and readiness for the introduction of new concepts and progress monitoring is embedded in our curriculum. Class groupings are fluid throughout the school year. New skills and procedures are practiced repeatedly for students to gain mastery, and the math curriculum allows students to review and reinforce skills. Some students struggle with memorization and greatly benefit from learning strategies to compensate for their difficulties with math facts and recall of processes and procedures. The lesson plan includes structured, sequenced lessons incorporating scaffolding of information and direct instruction which enables students at various ability levels to work towards grade level.