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A Message from the Director of Teaching and Learning

Dear Prospective Chartwell Family:

Your interest in Chartwell indicates that you may be looking for a different learning environment for your child than the one he/she is experiencing currently. 

At Chartwell, our teaching is grounded in research and based on diagnostic prescriptive methodology. It is informed by student learning and we strive to reach every learner where they are and adapt our teaching methods until each student learns and grows.

Our instruction begins with recognizing the specific learning profile including the strengths as well as the stretches of each student. 

All the learning pathways are addressed in the classroom: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. This not only engages students in the learning process but stimulates greater brain connectivity. Instructors continuously monitor students to identify and analyze both problems and progress. Teachers indicate to students what is to be learned, why it is to be learned, and how it is to be learned.

Teachers present information in an ordered way that indicates the relationship between the material taught and past material taught. Curricular content unfolds in logical ways that facilitates student learning and progress. Students move in incremental steps to support understanding and retention.

Students understand the reasoning behind the learning and why they are taught to employ certain strategies. They gain confidence as they increase their ability to apply new knowledge.Teachers provide continuous feedback and positive reinforcement. This creates close teacher-student relationships that builds trust and self-confidence. 

Students at Chartwell develop and internalize skills and strategies and learn to utilize the tools they need to help them become independent and successful learners, but most importantly, they develop the mindset necessary to take risks, persevere, learn independently, and believe in their own potential. 

Every step of the way, they are supported and encouraged -- and their strengths are recognized and reinforced as they work on their challenges. I look forward to welcoming you on campus to learn more about Chartwell. 


Jodi Amaditz
Director of Teaching and Learning

Jodi Amaditz

Jodi Amaditz is the director of teaching and learning at Chartwell School. She holds a masters degree as a Reading Specialist from Columbia University Teachers College. Ms. Amaditz taught as a learning specialist in a New York City elementary school for six years and then as an English Language Arts and Reading teacher for 13 years in Westchester New York Public middle schools. Ms. Amaditz is a certified Orton-Gillingham classroom educator and has trained in various language-based programs including the PAF Reading Program, the Wilson Language Program, The Writing Revolution, and the Columbia College Reading and Writing Project. She is the coordinator for Chartwell’s UCSF Dyslexia Phenotyping and Outcomes partnership and is co-director of Chartwell’s Teacher Training Institute.