2016/17 Research Project on Social Emotional Learning

As part of Chartwell’s ongoing relationship with the Dyslexia Center at UCSF, we are inviting interested families to participate in a research study focussed on social emotional learning. In this study, UCSF seeks to examine the affective and cognitive underpinnings of socio-emotional constructs such as motivation, grit, resilience, and mindset, with additional specialized focus on stereotype threat and reading anxiety that children with dyslexia may face. In Part 1 of the study in Spring 2016, UCSF partnered with several Chartwell families and administered a socio-emotional assessment to students.

UCSF is now seeking to further understanding Chartwell students’ learning profiles by characterizing your child’s potential bias to attend to negative information such as stereotype words that some have of students with learning differences. We believe that some children may be distracted from learning because of these types of negativity biases, and seek to draw attention to this unique challenge that these students may face. The ultimate goal of the project is to enable educators and parents to develop and evaluate more targeted socio-emotional intervention techniques for a more holistic perspective on student learning.

What will my child and I be asked to do?

· You will be asked to review this information sheet and the attached consent form

· Your child will be asked to complete a 20-25 minute computerized task assessing attention to negative, positive, and neutral words

· This computerized task will be performed in a one-on-one setting during the Chartwell school day, during a non-disruptive time slot determined by UCSF and Chartwell staff

What’s in it for my child, family, and community?

· Teachers and parents can receive professional development (PD) and parent education from Dr. Hoeft in the Spring of 2017. Topics – neuroscience of socio-emotional learning, resilience, and dyslexia. PD on classroom instructions to reduce stereotype threat.

· Students can learn how science research is conducted by participating in research.

If you would like to participate, please print and sign this consent form and either hand in to Chartwell or email it to SEL@ucsf.edu.

Questions? Contact SEL@ucsf.edu.

There are no risks to your child for his or her participation in this study. All information collected will be strictly confidential and will be used only for the purposes of this study. UCSF will not use real names of parents or children.