CORE Program Description

The morning CORE program runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and is a condensed version of the full-year Lower and Middle School academic program. The admissions requirements are the same regardless if parents are applying for the summer CORE or full-year program.

The CORE program focuses on teaching the skills and strategies needed for students to become proficient at reading and writing. During the four-week program, students attend language training and language arts classes daily. Language training includes phonics instruction, linguistic awareness, decoding skills for reading and sound-blending strategies for spelling. These essential skills are further reinforced and applied in language arts class where literature and writing skills are emphasized. In addition to language classes, students are engaged in mathematics, computer technology, science and art.

CORE Program Admissions Criteria

·Diagnosed with dyslexia or another language-based learning difficulty and may also have attention deficit disorder

·Male and female students aged 6 to 13 years

·Average to above average cognitive ability (as demonstrated on the WISC psycho-educational assessment)

·Experiencing difficulty acquiring literacy skills (reading and spelling)

·Experiencing difficulty with written expression, mathematics, processing information, working memory, organization or study skills

·Motivated to participate in the school’s programs and show evidence that they understand their learning difficulties

·NOT diagnosed with a conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder or any other emotional or behavioral difficulty

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