Enrichment Program Descriptions

Enrichment programs are for any student aged 7 to 16 years who would like to receive academic support in certain subject areas or explore their natural talents and interest. ENRICHMENT programs run for two-week periods.

June Enrichment Programs (June 19-29)

Memory & Language (Ages 8-12)

For students ages 8-12

Students are introduced to a selection of games specifically designed to develop language, memory and social skills, enhance mental acuity and support the whole brain in a fun and low-stress environment. When students use their brain in a variety of mental exercises, they increase their cognitive abilities. Facilitated by a Speech-Language Pathologist, students develop and master the skills to play games that fit their learning needs, as well as their interests and motivations. Games are played in large and small groups with teacher assistance and supervision.

Memory & Language June 19–29 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $425

Social Skills (Ages 7-10)

For students ages 7-10

Key social skills are taught through the use of group activities and role playing. This program provides opportunities for students to generalize their social thinking skills and emotional regulation skills to other less structured settings. Strategies may include incorporating activities from Ruler and tools from The Toolbox Project, two social-emotional learning programs. Students learn the concepts of personal responsibility, personal space, looking at situations from different perspectives and strategies to problem solve.

Social Skills June 19–29 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $425

Digital Photography (Ages 8-13)

For students ages 8-13

Students are introduced to basic digital photography fundamentals while exploring our local environment, placing an emphasis on aesthetics and portfolio development. Students complete a series of digital photography challenges to master the basics of an SLR camera’s manual functions. Then using the photo editing tools in Adobe Lightroom, students learn to be creative with the photo editing process. Students take home a 4GB flash drive with their exhibit pieces to share with friends and family.

Digital Photography June 19–29 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $425

Coding (Ages 10-13)

For students ages 10-13

Students will learn the fundamentals of computational thinking and coding through a blend of physical and on-screen activities. Using Ozobot robot kits, students are introduced to technology skills in the form of coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and algorithms. Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can control robots, enable exploration of Internet of Things (IOT) and introduce programming in languages like Scratch, Ozoblockly (on the Ozobots), and Python (on the Raspberry Pis). It’s capable of doing everything you’d expect a desktop computer to do with Internet and WIFI capability. Raspberry Pi will teach students programming and to understand how computers and devices work.

Coding June 19–29 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $425

Algebra Refresher (Ages 13-16)

For students ages 13-16

Each new math skill builds on a previously learned skill. Students needing to freshen up on their algebra skills will find this course beneficial. The Algebra program starts with a review of the four basic operations and a focus on word problems, prime numbers and exponents. Students learn to solve equations using Order of Operations. The concepts of absolute numbers and integers are explored through comparison, combination and graphing. Students solve one and two variable equations.

Algebra Refresher June 19–29 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $425

July Enrichment Programs (July 3-13)

Sports & Fitness (Ages 10-13)

For students ages 10-13

The sports program focuses on the development of athletic skills, sportsmanship, leadership and self-confidence using cooperative games and activities. All instruction and level of play will correspond to the abilities of the student. Specific instruction on proper techniques, improving skills and gaining understanding of each sport is emphasized. The ultimate goal of the program is to have FUN! Targeted sports may include Mountain Biking, Flag Football, Street Hockey, Soccer, Basketball , Ultimate Frisbee, Running, Volleyball, and Swimming.

Sports & Fitness July 3–13 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $375

Guitar for Beginners (Ages 8-13)

For students ages 8-13

Using activities, technology and hands on playing, students will learn basic open chords, good hand position and basic strumming patterns. They will also learn how to find and use different resources to play many styles of music for the guitar and taking care of the guitar. A little of the guitar history will be introduced in a nurturing environment with the goal of giving each student a good overall introduction to the guitar. At the end of the session, student will learn names of guitar strings, parts of the instrument, and several beginner-level songs to wow their parents.!

Guitar for Beginners July 3–13 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $375

Stop Motion Animation (Ages 7-10)

For students ages 7-10

Stop motion is a powerful animation technique that makes static objects appear to be moving. Stop motion movies will be made with a digital camera where lots of individual pictures are taken and then created into a movie using video editing software. With this approach, there will be many images to deal with because a typical stop motion movie has hundreds of frames. Claymation is a fun way for students to invent crazy characters for a stop motion movie. A storyboard allows students to map out the main elements of the story and keep a focus on the story itself. The use of rough sketch drawings helps students to visualize a scene before starting to film it.

Stop Motion Animation July 3–13 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $375

Creative Writing (Ages 11-15)

For students ages 11-15

Developing good writing skills and habits begins with an understanding of how words can be joined together effectively and creatively. In this program, students are introduced to basic creative writing elements related to fiction and poetry. Throughout the writing process, students learn to brainstorm, organize and template their rough draft working towards a complete final draft. Using both classic and contemporary authors, they are introduced to the characteristics of poetry, drama and fiction. Students read to analyze choices made by authors and how variety creates a pleasurable reading experience. Students practice basic poetic formats and story structures by producing their own poems and short stories.

Creative Writing July 3–13 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $375

Study Skills & Strategies (Ages 12-16)

For students ages 12-16

Acquiring strategies for learning and organizing information is essential to becoming an independent student. The Study Skills program provides instruction designed to enhance student achievement, study habits, time management and organizational skills. Students learn when and how to apply strategies for understanding and remembering information, and also learn reading comprehension and note-taking strategies. There is an emphasis on realizing individual learning styles and learning about multiple intelligences. Students learn how they can use their individual strengths to improve academic performance, as well as learn techniques to help with areas of challenge.

Study Skills & Strategies July 3–13 (Monday–Thursday) 1:00–3:00 PM $375

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