2017 Summer Programs

June 19 - July 14th, 2017

The summer programs are a special opportunity for students who are not enrolled in Chartwell School’s year long program to benefit from a research-based, student-centered educational experience, that is taught by our talented faculty. Our goal is to guide children toward becoming healthy, curious, confident and appreciated learners. Summer Programs are academically focused and open to students who would benefit from specialized instruction or would like to maintain progress achieved over the preceding academic year. It is also a great way for students entering the fall program for the first time in August to become acquainted with the green campus, the faculty and their peers. This head start ensures a smooth and successful transition.

"We heard great things about Chartwell, but they pale in comparison to our first hand experience. Our daughter looks forward to school every day... it's the best decision we've made with regards to her education." Sandra, mom of 2nd grade student

The CORE Literacy Program focuses on Academic Skill building which can be supplemented by the ENRICHMENT programs. The success and recognition that students experience in the classroom bolster their self-esteem and allow them to improve peer relationships. Chartwell School’s carefully structured programs offer ample opportunities to develop the positive social relationships that are vital to a student’s growth.

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