Middle School

Grades 7 and 8

Chartwell School provides a comprehensive academic program which includes all areas of reading and language instruction, mathematics, social studies, science, wellness and fitness, the arts, technology and a wide array of enrichment activities. Students master and build academic skills one layer at a time. Each layer integrates higher-order thinking skills, creativity, perseverance and problem solving.
Students at Chartwell are grouped by ability, rather than traditional grade levels, for language and math placement. This allows for small group instruction that addresses the student’s specific academic needs. Teachers at Chartwell are specially trained to work with students with dyslexia and use effective teaching strategies to engage students in the learning process and provide opportunities for them to experience success. Guiding students to learn how they learn, not just what they learn, will empower them throughout their school years to be independent learners and advocates for their academic needs.
Students in middle school are increasingly sensitive to any differences between themselves and the norm. They sometimes act out their frustrations at home and can mask their academic difficulties with negative behavior. Chartwell gives students a safe and supportive place to address their challenges and to pursue rather than avoid their academic potential in high school.
While remediation of skills may still be necessary, application of skills and strategies is increasingly important in developing successful independent learners. Organization, study skills and self-advocacy are taught and emphasized across the academic curriculum. To effectively advocate for their educational needs, students must recognize their own individual learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, be willing to ask questions for clarification, and seek help as needed.