Support Services


School Counselor

Chartwell School understands the importance of supporting the whole student to facilitate academic and developmental goals. To facilitate this, Chartwell provides individual and group counseling to students who are experiencing difficulties adjusting to academic, social, interpersonal or family issues. A licensed therapist, with specific training in learning differences, social-emotional learning, and family systems provides these confidential services on site as part of the tuition.

Speech and Language Therapy

Chartwell’s Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) screens incoming students to determine their strengths, weaknesses and needs in the areas of receptive and expressive language, vocabulary, speech articulation and auditory memory. These areas may affect a child’s ability to understand oral instruction, remember what they have heard, and to communicate clearly and effectively with peers and teachers. Our SLP can provide diagnostic evaluations and individual or small-group therapy based on student deficits and needs. This fee-based service is provided on site during the school day, allowing for consultation between the SLP and classroom teachers to optimize student learning.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is available on campus during and after school hours. Therapy sessions address motor coordination and sensory processing skills that may be contributing to challenges with reading, writing, organization and focused attention. Developing the neurological organization that supports student success is a large component of therapeutic sessions. Full assessments are available to determine student’s individual strengths and potential areas of growth. The occupational therapist works with students individually or in small groups based on student needs and consults with classroom teachers to help determine best educational approaches for the child.

After-School Homework Program

Students enrolling at Chartwell for the first time have typically experienced difficulty with homework completion in the past. The After-School Homework Program provides a structured and supportive environment for students to complete homework assignments. Student may receive instructional help from the Chartwell teachers who staff the after-school program as needed; however we attempt to teach successful study habits to help develop the ability to complete work independently. The program provides snacks, use of campus technology, and breaks as needed in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. The program is available Monday - Thursday, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm for an hourly rate.
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