Lower & Middle School


It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Chartwell School. We are more than just a school. We are a community of educators who are dedicated to nurturing students with learning difficulties to discover themselves, their worth, and their academic and social potential. We understand that our struggling students have intelligence, interests and many abilities that are often underappreciated due to their difficulties in reading and writing. At Chartwell, we celebrate and cultivate their gifts while providing for their learning needs.

Each student is a unique individual and we endeavor to place students in classes with teachers that can best meet their needs. Small class sizes allow for teachers to individualize lessons as needed and to provide ample opportunities for students to participate and experience success. Our diagnostic teaching approach ensures that educators are continuously assessing student learning and calibrating their instruction to support student progress. Chartwell teachers bring innovative and stimulating lessons to the classroom while also being well grounded in research-based, best practices of teaching.

Chartwell students typically excel in the areas art, music, drama, athletics and technology. Despite their difficulties with reading and writing, they can have strengths in other academic areas such as science, math or history. We recognize that it is our responsibility to further develop their talents and encourage their intellectual curiosity. We believe our students are the leaders and problem solvers of the future, and we make it our mission to empower our students to believe in themselves.

We welcome your interest in our school and encourage you to visit our campus to observe and experience our unique and caring community.

Steve Henderson, M.Ed.

Head of Lower and Middle School

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