Experience and research has informed our emphasis on:

  • Small class size (average six to eight students per class)
  • Project-based learning
  • Specific skill development
  • Collaborative teaching teams
  • Integrated technology
  • Field experiences
  • College advising
Our curriculum offers a unique combination of engaging projects, conceptual rigor, and integrated skills instruction. Our dedication to project-based learning ensures that the curriculum remains fresh, interesting and meaningful for our students. As students progress towards graduation, they come to understand their own learning styles and become effective self-advocates. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire them to develop their unique strengths and talents,and in the process, create community members who are dedicated to a lifetime of learning.

As a part of each project and class, we teach the core skills, which are as follows: organization, reading comprehension, note taking, test taking, research, writing, decoding/fluency/spelling, mathematics, technology, self-knowledge, and presentation.

Students typically take six classes per year, in addition to an advisory class that gives them extra time to complete work with the support of their teachers. A typical course load for a ninth grade student might include: Literature I, Wellness and Fitness, World History, Art I, Algebra I, and Advisory. In each class, students benefit from teachers who tailor instruction to the needs of the students. Students also complete four major projects each school year, and these projects appear on their transcripts. Seniors must also complete a senior project that spans the course of a school year as a graduation requirement.

Our course requirements meet or exceed state graduation requirements, and our credits align with other area schools. As our students accumulate credits toward a high school diploma, they come to think of themselves as successful learners with the potential to succeed in college.

Course Descriptions