High School


Your curiosity about Chartwell High School likely means you have a bright teen that is struggling in school. Many children feel that they have one primary job: school. When they cannot seem to excel at school, their confidence and self-concept suffer. At Chartwell High School, we are proud to serve atypical learners. Our faculty has chosen to work here because we truly believe that not all great minds think alike, and our students do indeed have great minds. Students at Chartwell High School are bright, creative, hard-working and motivated problem-solvers. They are the great minds of tomorrow, and it’s our mission to help them build on their strengths and support their stretches.
To achieve this mission, we offer a welcoming, involved, and successful learning experience for our students—many of whom have not experienced such success before. As students move through our program, we work as a teaching team to equip them with the skills, confidence, creativity, perseverance and self-advocacy needed to help them access their potential. By senior year, students look back at the great strides they have made and marvel at their own progress.