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Great Minds Monthly Newsletter

Student holds up arm in victory in wrestling match

Chartwell High School wrestler Enzo O. added two more wins to his season total this month at the Webber Lawson 2nd Man Tournament at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. With victories over athletes from Bellarmine College Preparatory and Palo Alto High School, Enzo advanced to the consolation championship match. Enzo took fourth place and became the first CHS athlete to place in a tournament in school history. This is Chartwell’s inaugural high school sports season and Enzo has secured a place in Chartwell’s history books.

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Grouping of various cultural books

Middle grade faculty members Sarah Chavez and Amanda Chace made a special effort this year to be sure a diverse array of holidays were presented to students. Realizing the school’s library did not have many books on the holidays and cultural celebrations that take place around the world, they researched and purchased more than 15 books for students and faculty to read and share.

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Boy working on a computer science project

In our Computer Science (CS) class for high school, students are able to survey concepts, skills and strategies, fields, and careers. At the end of the course, they will choose a project to demonstrate their learning and newly-found passion for one area of CS.

In the photo, students are participating in an Activity Before Content exercise where they explore and identify the parts of a computer system in varied devices. For the rest of the unit, they will learn how these parts work together as a whole in laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and other computers. 

Prior to this project, they learned to use block-style coding to create Halloween "trick or treats" by creating and programming ghosts, spiders, and even candy dispensers using physical computing, motors, and sensors. Watch two examples of these contraptions here and here. Next, onward to mobile apps!

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