Situated on 60 acres adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, California, Chartwell’s campus provides students and faculty with a beautiful natural environment. Our campus is home to wild deer and turkeys, features a two mile perimeter trail and is covered in coastal oak woodlands and marine chaparral.
Designed by EHDD, when it opened in 2008, our campus buildings were awarded LEED certification at the highest level, LEED Platinum. Some of the features that are unique to our campus include:
  • Large windows and skylights to maximize natural light.
  • A 30 Kw photovoltaic system to convert solar energy to electricity. The solar system is expected to produce more than 53 million Watt-hours of electricity per year, our electric meter often runs backwards as we furnish power back to the grid!
  • Water conservation through state-of-the-art fixtures, water-efficient landscaping and a cistern that collects rainwater that is used to flush toilets.
  • Good indoor air quality protects student health. CO2 sensors adjust natural ventilation as needed.
  • A focus on acoustics, classrooms are built to eliminate or greatly reduce mechanical and outside noise, and improve communication.

Our Award Winning Campus


We are deeply proud of the advances our students make every day. Sitting in carefully designed classrooms, our students become capable, confident learners. We know that their surroundings support their success, and so we are also proud of our award-winning program and green campus. Major awards to date include:

Top 10 Buildings in the World Award, 2009 from the American Institute of Architects

Livable Buildings Award, 2009 from "Center for the Built Environment" at UC Berkeley. 

Certified Green Business, 2008 by the Monterey Green Business Program 

Green Superhero Award  2008 from the United States Green Building Council of Northern California. 

LEED Platinum (highest level), 2007 The United States Green Building Council. 

Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award, 2007 – from the California EPA 

Best Overall Award, 2007 from Flex Your Power

Energy and Sustainability Honor Award (highest level), 2007 from the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter

Innovation Award for Construction Techniques and Materials, 2007 from the California Association of General Contractors. 

Award for Energy Efficiency, 2007 – U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Western Region

CHPS Certification (highest score to date), 2006 – from California High Performance Schools 

Business of the Year Award, 2006 from the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce