Mission and Vision

Because not all great minds think alike….


Chartwell School empowers bright students with language-based learning differences, including dyslexia. We do this in grades K-12 by offering them the knowledge, creativity, and skills in self advocacy and perseverance needed to thrive in college and beyond.


Chartwell aspires to show the world that young people with language-based learning differences and diverse learning styles and profiles can be among the most creative, productive and valuable members of any community. We further aim to inspire others to get to know, understand and value these students from very young ages and to help them realize their full potential. We seek to see them develop into confident young people and adults, committed to lifelong learning and equipped with the knowledge, skills and social and emotional competencies to achieve their goals.

Our vision of a better educational world for these students includes teachers who are lifelong learners, the adoption of cutting edge research and effective technologies, and being a center of learning for the teaching profession, parents and the community. Our collaborative relationships with individuals, organizations and networks of allied professionals aim to advance the understanding, advocacy and practical delivery of services for the benefit of individuals with learning differences, while partnerships with higher education, business, and others in our region seek to advance the quality of education for all students.

Our vision also includes sharing our green campus in ways that inspire our students and many others to appreciate, enjoy and be good stewards of the environment, respecting its beauty and vulnerabilities and using its resources wisely in their future lives and careers