Chartwell challenges us to lead rather than follow. In that interest, we have worked to create a cutting-edge campus that looks to the future of education while serving the students of today.

Chartwell receives visitors interested in both green design and education from all over the world. We welcome guests, and ask that anyone interested in touring Chartwell please call 831.394.3468 to set up a tour date and time. If you cannot visit in person, we suggest watching the short videos about our unique campus in our Video Library.

Visitors, staff and students at Chartwell enjoy:

  • day-lit classrooms with carefully planned window systems that reduce the need for electricity by 50%. (Studies show day-lighting alone can contribute to increases in the rate at which students learn reading and math of 20% or more.)
  • a roof that reduces heat and catches rainwater for on-campus usage.
  • microfans and air quality sensors in classrooms that take advantage of naturally occurring convection currents. This eliminates the ambient noise of other ventilation ducting systems.
  • an athletic field with infrastructure for recycled irrigation water.
  • plenty of opportunity to build and sustain a community of learners. By simply moving through the thoughtfully designed series of courtyards, trails, recreation and gathering places, students, faculty, families and visiting community members will know a sense of place that causes us to belong, to take ownership and to care.
  • a campus that teaches students about sustainability, responsibility, and the natural world.

Our green campus is deeply appreciated by our students. Just ask them:

"Well, I like the campus because it’s really kid friendly. I like all the grass. I like how it’s not all fenced in. My old school was fenced in and made me feel like I was in jail. There is cork wood in our walls and solar panels up top and some reusable water that waters the plants. I like the windows here and all the natural light makes things more natural. I like the skylights here and how when we open the windows, they are designed so that air comes through. At my old school the air conditioning smelled like exhaust and it was stuffy even when we opened the windows."
– Maya H., Grade 5

"I like how it's all reused materials. We use solar power fuel to run the computers and keep on the lights. I like how it’s like no other campus. I love how we have the big cistern from the gutter so we can save water to use for other purposes. I like how the sun heats the building. I love this school!"
– Abigail A., Grade 4

"I like that Chartwell is so big, colorful, and healthy for the environment. There are a lot of windows, so you don’t have to turn the lights on all the time. At my other school, there were, like, two windows and we sat in a little box that made me think I needed air."
– Thomas H., Grade 5

"What I like about Chartwell is, we have compost, we recycle, and it's an all green school. I like the forest. I like how it's a big campus! I like gardening with Ms. Reese! I like how they teach. I like the fog catcher and how it catches rain and fog."
– Logan B., Grade 5

I like the campus, because it uses up everything that people thought couldn’t be used. It’s really great. It's a really good school. Outside, where some of the lunch tables are, there are wine barrels used for the walls. The floors and lots of things are recycled. Most of the time, we try to recycle or to reuse.
– Hannah A., Grade 4

Chartwell is a small, but wonderful, school. There are really nice teachers and kids who volunteer to pick up trash at recess. Chartwell looks cool, and I think it should be painted green, because we’re a green school! I like this school. This school has skylights and tons of windows. It’s easier to see your paperwork and to see things on the board. We use solar energy, water from the cistern to fill the toilets, and my old school didn’t do that!
– Theadora P., Grade 5

Key Participants in Creating Chartwell’s Green Campus

We are grateful to the many key donors, supporters and advocates who helped us dream big, and then turn dreams into a campus that makes a very real difference.

Partners and Advisors for Sustainable Design
EHDD Architecture of San Francisco
Ausonio, Inc. of Castroville, Construction
John Boecker, Architect
Cal Poly School of Architecture
American Solar Energy Society
California High Performance Schools
Philippe S. Cohen, Jasper Ridge
Biological Reserve - Stanford University
Community Bank of Central California
EPA EnergySmart
Design for Disassembly
PG&E Savings by Design
Ft. Ord Reuse Authority
Sustainable Base Reuse Institute
U.S. Green Building Council

Community of Champions
Rick and Tonya Antle
David and Christine Armanasco
Sigrid Banks
Roberta Bialek
Robert and Sarah Bonner
Anna Caballero
Bradford and Mary Carl
Robert and Patricia Chapman
Elizabeth Clifton
Anthony and Anita Davi
Jeff and Kelly Davi
Bill and Nancy Doolittle
Jean Draper
Dirk and Debbie Etienne
Scott and Debbie Fosmark
Steve and Lori Johnson
Robert Katz and Leola Lapides
Richard Kauffman and Karin Strasser Kauffman
Mark and Jill Kennedy
Daniel and Patricia Lester
Leland and Judy Lewis
Paul Wineman and Jennefer Santee Lloyd Wineman
Marjorie Love
Mick and Nicki McMahan
Peter Meehan
Basil Mills
Richard and Sharon Myler
Lee and Kathy Newell
F. Robert Nunes
Bob and Kim Nunes
Nathan and Kathryn Olivas
William and Marlene Ramsey
Randy Repass and Sally-Christine Rodgers
Joseph and Diane Rossi
Kirk and Carol Schmidt
Judy Tollner
Marsha Zelus

Board of Trustees during 2006, the year of the our new campus launch
Thomas S. deRegt, President
Peter K. Brooks
David C. Buchanan
Judy deRegt
Scott Fosmark
Duffy Grant
Skip Harrison
Lyn Higashi
Charles Jacobson
Lori Johnson
Susan Matcham
Bruce Michels
Kathryn Olivas
Nathan K. Olivas
Arthur W. Pasquinelli
Robert E. Sageman
Simon Salinas
Kay Sullivan
Lynne White Dixon
Blanca Zarazua

Trustees Emeriti
Jean Draper
Judy Lewis, Founder
Nicki W. McMahan, Founder
Jennefer Lloyd Wineman
Marsha McMahan Zelus

Honorary Trustees
Marjorie Love
Michael McMahan