We are proud to work with the great minds of the future.  And because not all great minds think alike, we tailor our instruction to each individual student.  Our students work hard and rise to meet new academic challenges each day.  In the midst of all that hard work, our students also have a lot of fun as they develop into capable learners and successful self-advocates.

Chartwell offers a unique educational experience for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning variations.  Before coming to Chartwell, many of our students struggled in school and suffered from diminished self-esteem.  Chartwell’s hands-on, multisensory curriculum is carefully designed to equip students with the academic tools and confidence they need to succeed in school, both at Chartwell and beyond.

Most students come to Chartwell for a period of two to four years before transitioning back into mainstream education.  During their time here, students benefit from an extraordinary learning environment.  At Chartwell, specially trained teachers are compassionate and dedicated to each unique student.  The curriculum is challenging and students rise to the challenge using the tools and support they find here.  Students also benefit from a healthful, green campus that features natural day-lighting, fresh air and green materials.

Students at Chartwell enjoy all of the highlights of any elementary or middle school experience.  Competitive sports, music, campus festivals, performing arts, dances, field trips and fun electives are valued pieces of a Chartwell education.  Chartwell has competitive boys and girls teams in soccer, basketball and flag football.  All students are welcome to play.  The Chartwell stage has seen original musicals and student-directed dramas.  Field experiences this year alone included a hands-on tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, painting with a professional artist in her studio, kayaking in Moss Landing and plenty of visits to state parks and museums.

Please read more about our academic programs by clicking on the Day School tab or Summer School tab on the left.  Information about The New High School Project at Chartwell can be accessed by clicking here.

Perhaps our students and alumni explain the Chartwell experience best:

Chartwell Students

"I like how Chartwell helps you learn how to decode.  It's just amazing.  I love this school!  All the teachers try to help you as best they can!" - Abigail A., student

"Math was really hard for me, and now it's easy and I'm good at it.  Reading was difficult, but now I really love it.  I like reading big books and feeling their weight on my lap, then seeing the progress of what I have read." - Olalla D., student

"I could barely read in third grade, but I’m a really good reader now." - Kayden G., student

"Chartwell is a small, but wonderful school." - Theadora P., student

"Before Chartwell, math was easy.  But now it's hard because I'm doing much more advanced stuff." - Luke S., student

Chartwell Alumni in High School

"I'm doing well in all my classes.  My favorites are computer programming and Japanese.  Some students here who did not go to Chartwell are ashamed of their dyslexia, but I can advocate for what I need in classes and am comfortable with who I am socially too." - Tyler C., alumnus

"Going to Chartwell was the best thing that ever happened.  If I had not gone there, I might be failing high school.  I'm doing great in all my classes." - Rebecca S., alumna

"When I graduated from Chartwell, I didn't want to leave.  I wished that I could just go back in time and relive the years.  As I attend Salinas High, I sometimes think about my times at Chartwell and think about what's going on there.  I actually have the Chartwell calendar on my bulletin board in case I want to visit sometime.  Even though I’m no longer attending Chartwell, it will always be a part of me.  My [current] classes – P.E., Applied Physics, Draft Tech, English, Algebra, and Health – have been pretty simple so far because I use the skills I learned at Chartwell.  I have a 4.0 grade point average.  The classes I enjoy are Applied Physics and Draft Tech." - Gregory H., alumnus

"Chartwell helped me with reading, study skills, homework, test taking, and handwriting.  I'm doing well in all my classes.  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.  My favorite subjects are math and language arts." - Colin G., alumnus

"Chartwell taught me a lot, but the number one thing that I'm thankful I learned there was how to advocate for myself." - Audrey B., alumna

Chartwell Alumni after High School

"I can still remember the rush of hope I felt when I was told I wasn't stupid.  This special school is a place where you can be yourself and learn.  Chartwell's philosophies of kindness, loyalty, self-expression and humor have been important values in my life... Chartwell saves kids." - Michel McMahan, alumna

"… It wasn't until seventh grade that I gave up.  I stopped doing homework, I stopped studying, and I stopped caring about failing.  I had accepted that I was dumb.  It was at this point that my mother sent me to Chartwell.  The teachers, the staff, the entire Chartwell community was exactly what I needed.  At Chartwell I found a place where I was understood.  The teachers understood that I was indeed a smart, young woman.  I was a Chartwell student for one summer session and one school year.  That is what it took for me to go back into mainstream education and really succeed." - Ashley Gamble, alumna

"Chartwell affected my life like no other school could.  They taught me the ways I learn and skills I would need for the rest of my life." - Kayla Naylor, alumna

"In public school, the teacher used to put me in the back of the class by myself while she taught the other students.  At one point, she told me I would never even qualify to go to high school…. The teachers at Chartwell began to pay attention to me.  They acted like they thought I mattered.  No one had done that in a classroom for a long time.  They showed me things I could do.  They told me, ‘You might not learn like everyone else, but you can learn.’  After four years at Chartwell, I returned to a regular classroom.  I took honors courses at Alvarez High School and am going to college with a four year scholarship." - John Gutierrez, alumnus

"My best memory of Chartwell isn't anything specific;  it's the feeling of well-being I had just being there—of us getting the attention all kids deserve, but rarely find, in schools." - Michael Zlotkin, alumnus