Local Restaurants


The closest nice restaurant to Chartwell is the Bayonet grill at the nearby Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course. The grill has a view of the entire beautiful Monterey Bay, and items on the menu are in the $10 to $14 range.

Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Club - 1 McClure Way, Seaside, CA 831-899-7271

Also very close is a Subway restaurant, located at - 4235 Gigling Road, Seaside 831-394-8671

Sand City

Just a little further away and costing a little less is the Sand City Shopping Center, which contains a Chipotle Grill, a Starbucks, a little bagel store with great bagels (and excellent sandwiches), and more.


If you head South from Seaside to Monterey, you can find several good lunch restaurants in downtown Monterey within about three freeway exits (and about 12 minutes.)

Rosine’s restaurant is a bit like an East Coast diner, with a little bit of everything and 10-inch high cakes. They are located on 434 Alvarado Street in Monterey. 831-375-1400

The Wild Plum cafe and bakery features absolutely fresh and extremely tasty food. They bake their turkey fresh every day, feature Neiman Ranch beef, and have prices between $10 and $13. They’re located at 731 Munras Avenue, Monterey. 831-646-3109

The Wharf Marketplace is located at 290 Figueroa Street. Drive to it as though you’re going to the (non-commercial) wharf in Monterey, then turn left before the wharf. You can park right in front of the marketplace for free while you get a panini. Wonderful. Prices are around $11.

If you choose to sightsee in Monterey, you can drive through the tunnel, heading towards the Monterey Aquarium. In this area, there are two excellent places to dine:

Crystal Fish is a wonderful Sushi/Japanese restaurant on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey.

And the Monterey Aquarium has two wonderful dining areas: The cafe, has a full grill, salad bar, and sandwiches, and you can sit right next to the windows at the gourmet Cindy’s Waterfront Cafe.


If you continue past Monterey down to Carmel, you’ll find many wonderful restaurants. These restaurants serve great food and are child-friendly. They’re very close to Ocean Avenue — Carmel’s Main Street:

Patisserie Boissiere Restaurant

This is a charming French restaurant with a low-key, country air. The menu is simple (excellent French Onion soup!), and the servers are always very pleasant and welcoming. The cost of a meal is between $12 and $15. It’s located on Mission, between Ocean and 7th Street in Carmel. 831-624-5008

Little Napoli Restaurant

Little Napoli is an excellent, family-friendly Italian restaurant located at the corner of Dolores Street and 7th Street. Price for lunch is from $13 to $30.

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